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The Corellian Resistance is always looking for those who are loyal to the planet above all others. Whatever your talents and skills, we will help you make the most of them in our continuing effort to resist the Empire.
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The Corellian Resistance Home Base Established

hannahsolo, Oct 6, 11 4:25 AM.
You make your way through the tightly-packed streets of Coronet, capital city of Corellia, past rows of shoppers who have come to upgrade their ships, buy new parts and find the latest gadgets. Cunningly, you avoid the pickpockets and other dangerous passers-by as you approach a more run-down section of the city, coming upon the ruins in the northeastern sector.

After glancing to the left and right, you are certain no one is watching you. With quick motions, you hit the hidden button the side of a boulder (or, what appears to be a boulder). You move down the stairs quickly when the hidden panel opens up in the stone pathway before you. It's dark in the sloping, subterranean tunnel, but after forty paces you come into a wide, open room far under the ground. Here, green lights glow against the walls, and the tiled floor is swept clean. A large panel stands on the back wall, covered in rows of lights.

You've found it: the hidden communications hub for the Corellian Resistance. Now, you can exchange messages and information with that shadowy order who secretly polices the planet.
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